A Cold Day in Hell

A Cold Day in Hell

Open on the offices of Hell incorporated.  There are two doors present, one up center with the number 7 visible on it, and another stage left. Between the doors stands a long conference table.  With a small box labeled “random acts” in the center.  Standing around the table is Tony Granding a politician, Maggie Ann a mother from the 50’s, she holds a tray of brownies and a large kitchen knife with which to cut them. Katherine a high school math teacher, Jeff Exelly III a CEO, and Hamurabi the world’s first lawyer.  They sit around the table anxiously. Jeff begins to pace in front of the table checking his watch before finally exploding.

Jeff: Well I’m not sure if I speak for the rest of you but I refuse to be treated in this fashion.  We’ve been waiting here for hours!  Why, I’ve got half a mind to refuse this assignment!

Katherine: Sounds about right.

Jeff: What was that?

Katherine: You said, you had half a mind, and I said sounds about right.

Jeff: You can’t talk to me like that!  Do you have any idea who I am?

Hammurabi: Who you were.

Jeff: What are you muttering about?

Hammurabi: Who you were. As in the past tense.  You’re dead.  Who you were, doesn’t really matter, does it?

Maggie Ann: I think he may have a point there.

Jeff: (To Maggie Ann) Then I guess it’s a good thing that nobody here cares what you think.  And as for you, of course who we were when we were alive matters here, and aside from the most obvious reason too.  I pity you if you believe otherwise.