Reluctant Prophets

Fade up on a tent with Artimis asleep in a lawn chair next to it. Artimis can either be a man or a woman. It doesn’t really matter. Artimis should be wearing a white bathrobe with shorts and T-shirt underneath. He/She has a cigarette in his/her mouth. As the sleeping continues Garret enters. He is the typical suburban type. He approaches Artimis carefully. He attempts to wake him, but is unsuccessful. He finally leans in close to Artimis’s face. Artimis opens his eyes and screams, falling out of the chair.

Artimis: Don’t do that! What’s the idea of sneaking up on someone like that? I mean really.

Garret: Well, I’m sorry. 

Artimis: I sincerely hope that you are. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m trying to sleep, I have an appointment at three, and I need my beauty rest.

Garret: Actually that’s why I’m here. You see, I got this letter the other day and-

Artimis: Wait a minute, (He reaches under the chair and produces a clipboard with various papers attached) are you Garret Cantwell? 

Garret: Yes I am, and like I was saying, I got this letter the other day and-

Artimis: You’re early.

Garret: Well, a couple minutes, yes. You see I-

Artimis: If by a couple you mean sixty-two then yes. You are a couple of minutes early.